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Meet The Team | Kennedy's Health and Fitness | Aylsham Fitness

Meet The Team

Meet the team, who are the best thing about Kennedy’s Health and Fitness and it is undoubtedly the people that will train you that make the experience better. We have highly trained, skilled, motivated individuals who bring their character and, most importantly, fun to all their classes and training sessions to enhance your fitness experience. 

Our team… Our Pack are here for you – to not only train you but to help you, to guide you, to inform you through your fitness journey. 

Each member of our Pack bring together different skill sets that are combined to promote a total fitness package. Whether you are looking for enjoyment or wanting that summer body or wanting a change in life or if it is just to, like us, wanting to be active then our Pack are here for you. 


“Always be the hardest worker in the room; life is a challenge and you are your biggest competition.”


Sport and fitness has been embedded into my DNA, it has always been my foundation and where I learnt alot of life’s values through. Involvement at high level sports showed me the importance of not only being physically fit but also the extreme importance of nutrition and the psychological aspects.

I have travelled to many destinations where I learnt and discovered so many things whilst meeting some amazing people before deciding to plant my roots here in Norfolk. Upon arriving here, the community have been so welcoming, it has humbled me. It is this sense of belonging that has become the driving force behind our philosophy; we want people to feel like they belong – a sense of a community within a community!

Being fit and active is a big part of who I am and I love trying out new things and broadening my horizons. Being open to the possibilities that something new can bring is exciting and it’s that feeling I thrive off of. I love that feeling of accomplishment and my competitive nature has always pushed me and this is emphasised by the more vigorous classes I lead – so if you’re looking for something different and intense come try out my tailor made classes!

My philosophy on fitness is all about pushing boundaries – your own physical, mental and spiritual boundaries. Seeing an obstacle in your way and believing that you have the ability to overcome that obstacle is the ideology every single person should believe in and that can start with something as simple as lifting a weight or finishing an intense class. You can then thrive off of that feeling of self belief and let it flow into your everyday life. 

Zane - The Pack


Strength and Conditioning

Sports Performance

HIIT / Circuits

Functional Training





Pushing boundaries

“Visualise wealth and then put yourself in the picture”


I have been a ‘Sports and Activity nut’ since I can remember. I was brought up in Mundesley, Norfolk, where I was constantly by the sea; If I wasn’t there I would be playing football, rugby or cricket for my local team. 

I went to the University of Bedfordshire to pursue my passion in sports psychology and physical education in a degree in Sports Science.

During this time, I lost a close friend through depression that left a gaping void in me. This became a motivating factor as I found myself trying to learn and understand the human mind. 2 years later, I was in an unsatisfying job, had financial difficulties and I became homeless; I was in a dark place suffering depression first hand. However, during this dark time, Fitness saved me. I learnt meditation and mindfulness practices which helped me turn a new leaf and got my life back on the right track becoming a personal trainer.

I wanted to use fitness to help other people realise their own true potential with the same tools that helped me and to show them the way to become the best versions of themselves.

Olly - The Pack









Beach runs

Yoga and meditation

Spiritual philosophy


Kennedy's Health and Fitness