A New Beginning To Aylsham Fitness

We are finally here, our Aylsham fitness centre is open and changing lives!

It has been a very long road full of ups and downs but needless to say while I sit here in the K-Bar typing this up;  it has all been more than worth it! This whole journey began at the end of September last year (2017), I had been working in a horrible office job for even worse people full of apathy for those that worked to their bones for them – I needed a change. Out on a Sunday with my lovely girlfriend and her family we were sitting in the Old Tea Rooms in Aylsham when I suddenly had a thought, Aylsham needs a gym! It was such a great idea – there was no facility anywhere in Aylsham and finally there was an opportunity to make something and build it up. 

I had been going to the gym on and off for a number of years and had always seen the impersonal approach they had – a member would join and then get an induction from there they would be left to their own devices pushing with poor form and incorrect techniques damaging themselves in the long run. This always annoyed me, seeing a gym full of inexperienced gym goers and even those with years of experience doing the wrong things that would lead to poor results and long term damage.

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