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Timetable | Kennedy's Health and Fitness | Aylsham Fitness


Welcome to Kennedy’s Health and Fitness Timetable.

Our classes are the focus of our fitness centre and we pride ourselves on bringing a unique personal touch to fitness and incorporating a complete fitness package for you. Our timetable is monitored  and evolving constantly to ensure that you get the best out of each class and to keep them motivating!

We have adopted a unique approach by designing specialist classes and sessions based on some fitness favourites, be sure to read up on class and session descriptions and discover how we are reshaping fitness in Norfolk with exciting classes that ooze character and enjoyment.

To book your place in one of the classes please email in to info@kennedysfitness.co.uk, send a message over Facebook or call us on 01263734229.

Timetable | Fitness Classes | Aylsham Fitness | Kennedy's Health and Fitness
Kennedy's Health and Fitness