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Yoga In Aylsham | Kennedy's Health and Fitness | Aylsham Fitness

Yoga In Aylsham

Kennedy’s Health and Fitness brings a unique and engaging approach to fitness and one of our fundamental foundations is our Yoga in Aylsham. We have a dedicate yoga professional, Chloe, who has worked tirelessly with our instructor Olly to create a programme of Yoga classes in Aylsham that individually highlight the unique elements that Yoga offers. 

Yoga is a holistic discipline that focuses on physical, mental and spiritual practices and this spotlights Kennedy’s Health and Fitness’s philosophy in how we approach fitness as a whole. Our Yoga classes are designed to take the various practices of yoga and emphasise them in their own individually beneficial class. By doing this we have created a Yoga programme that we can adapt and change to give you a complete Yoga experience.

Our Yoga in Aylsham and North Norfolk takes place up in our Studio and can host up to 15 participants which allows a very personal and intimate environment with our instructors to ensure maximum engagement.

We will look at the importance of alignment in all postures, how to work towards experiencing ease & stability in each pose and also focus on the importance of the breath – its effect on your Yoga experience and using it as a simple way to start meditating

Individual attention will be given to each student helping you to feel comfortable and relaxed in each posture. The six week course will guide you into the light of yoga with a rejuvenating and relaxing practise that gradually improves the strength and flexibility of the body and the mind. The practise helps to release pain, discomfort and stress in the body and leave your mind at peace.

Yoga Classes

Intro to Yoga | Yoga in Aylsham | Kennedy's Health and Fitness
Relax fitness class | Yoga in Aylsham | Kennedy's Health and Fitness
Rejuvenation fitness class | Yoga in Aylsham | Kennedy's Health and Fitness
Revitalise Yoga - Kennedy's Health and Fitness
Serenity Fitness Class | Yoga in Aylsham | Kennedy's Health and Fitness
Boga fitness class | Yoga in Aylsham | Kennedy's Health and Fitness

We do add and change our Yoga classes to keep things interesting and giving you the opportunity to try something new. 

Personal Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy | Yoga in Aylsham | Kennedy's Health and Fitness

Kennedy’s Health and Fitness believe that there is no better way to achieve results than on a 1-to-1 basis. Yoga is a lifestyle and using yoga to better people’s lives provides an alternative to the more robust method of ‘traditional’ personal training. 

Our Yoga therapy is personal training at its core but fully based around the holistic approach of Yoga. You will work with our Yoga professional, Amber, who will personally guide you on your journey to achieve holistic completeness – It is also a great way to exercise gently or steadily build up your exercise endurance.

“Yoga Therapy is a holistic Yoga programme that is tailored to your specific needs considering emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being, nutrition, breathing techniques and postures to improve and maintain your health. We will empower you to feel more in control of your health and enrich your life.”

If you are looking for a different kind of Yoga approach; our Yoga in Aylsham at Kennedy’s Health and Fitness has put personal into personal training with Yoga Therapy and created a new kind of personal training that is a complete holistic experience.

Kennedy's Health and Fitness